The Rockr iTunes Phone

rockrphone.jpgApple and Motorola today unveiled their long expected iPod phone, under the name Rockr. This phone was developed by Apple and Motorola, and Cingular Wireless will be the exclusive U.S. carrier of the telephone.

The Rokr, which will be available starting this weekend, can hold about 100 songs. It has a color display for viewing album art and features built-in dual-stereo speakers, as well as stereo headphones that also serve as a mobile headset with microphones.

The phone will automatically pause the song when you get a call and songs are transferred to the phone through a USB cable.

Apple also announced a tiny new iPod that can hold 1,000 songs and is thinner than a standard No. 2 pencil, under the name iPod Nano.

Both products look really cool, just like all Apple products.

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