Thai House

A couple of days ago after finishing work, I wanted to grab some take-away dinner before going home, and a friend from work suggested I check out “Thai House”, a Thai restaurant in Ariana I obviously didn’t know about.

I didn’t go for it that day because I was feeling a bit lazy and Ariana was out of my way. Anyway, today after work, my wife and I headed there directly.

It’s a small take-away restaurant in Al Kahina street (It seems they’ve recently changed the name though) in New Ariana.
It has a really interesting menu with stuff that brought back memories of our honeymoon days in Thailand, which actually influenced my decision on what to get: Sweet and Sour Shrimps with Rice confined (Riz cantonnais + Crevette Sauce Aigre-Douce).
I wish there was some Fried rice with Crab, that was so yummy.

The chef is a Thai woman who actually speaks in a pretty good Tunisian accent.
The food is really delicious and the prices are pretty good too. It’s the best Asian food place I’ve tried in Tunisia up to now.

Really worth trying out. I’m sure I’ll be going back there often.

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