Over the Border of Tunisia

“Over the Border of Tunisia”, a series of Oud concerts, that look at the oud from three different angles, will take place starting from October 30 in Amsterdam.

The event will start on October 30th with the concert of Rabih Abou-Khalil, which is entitled “Jazz Ballads from the East”. In his contemporary jazz and non-Western quintet, the oud is the leading instrument in the concert.

On December 11th, Hesperion XXI’s concert entitled “the Lost Paradise”, the oud is played as an accompanying and ensemble instrument, along with a few improvised solos based on manuscripts from the 13th century.

And on April 9th, Dhafer Youssef’s concert entitled “Echo from the Past”, the oud returns to its origins, in the stirring, spiritual and plaintive melodies of Tunisia and other Arabic cultures, as well as in his own compositions.

More info on the event and tickets is available here.

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