Fantastic Four

Last night, I finally got to watch the “Fantastic Four” movie.

As frequent readers of my blog already know, I’m a big fan of superhero movies, so I just couldn’t let this one pass by me unwatched.

The reviews I read about the movie weren’t that good and so I wasn’t expecting much really, but well it exceeded my expectations, and it didn’t turn out as bad as I expected.

I never read the Fantastic Four comics nor watched the animated series, I was always more of a Spiderman and Superman guy, so it was cool getting to know them for the first time, although I didn’t really find the characters that catchy.

The movie is an ok one I guess, good enough to kill some extra time, but it just lacks the magic of a superhero movie; The discovery of their new forces is just not done well enough, Not enough use of their forces, Not enough confrontation with the villain…etc.
In short, all the coolest elements of any superhero movie weren’t done well enough in this movie.

Anyway, if you’re into movies like this, you should check it out anyway.

My score for it would be: 6/10.

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