Dentist, Finally…

Today, I finally went to a dentist…
And what a small world it is; It turns out his older brother used to work in the Tunisian embassy in Jordan and I know him very well.

He took a look at my teeth and told me there was a lot of work to be done, as if I didn’t know that already. In fact, I could’ve told him what each tooth needed, but well, I’m paying him for that, so no need to help him out.

He said it seemed like I really liked sweets and that I must’ve been to many dentists in my lifetime; I just smiled, I thought it better to keep my feelings of hatred towards dentists to myself at this moment, especially with me lying on a horizontal chair and him staring into my mouth with a bunch of drills nearby.

I told him which tooth was hurting me the most, and we decided to start with that one.
I knew it needed root canal treatment, and I knew the exact procedure so well I could’ve actually guided him through it, so I didn’t even bother to ask what he was going to do and he didn’t elaborate much either.

After injecting around my tooth with a local anesthetic, he started drilling, drilling and drilling until I felt like there was nothing actually left of my tooth.
I remember feeling that same feeling the last time I had a root canal treatment on the parallel tooth a few years back in Jordan.
That’s when he pulled out this tiny screw-like thingie, that hints at his hidden intentions with this tool. He injected more anesthetic into the tooth (Ouch! Pain!) and started cleaning up the 3 root canals (Yucky feeling!).

Then he just stuffed some cotton in my tooth and told me to go home and come back next week for more work and to finish that tooth up.

I’m now at home writing this, still not feeling the left side of my mouth and with a numb lower lip and tongue, passionately waiting for next week’s appointment.

Aren’t dentists just a bunch of fun to be around?!

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