Computer Idee

Cover: Computer IdeeToday, when I got home, I found this big letter stuffed in our mailbox. It was torn on the edges as if someone tried to peek in.
I wasn’t expecting anything, and the technical magazines I usually get come in transparent covers so I didn’t know what this was.

When I opened it, I found a really great surprise.
It was “Computer Idee”, the number one computer magazine in Holland, yep that place they also call The Netherlands, and it was in Dutch.
Hmmm, so why was I so happy about it, especially that I don’t understand one word of the language??

Well, it’s because this issue has a feature about blogs, in which a number of bloggers are profiled. And yes you guessed right, I am one of the bloggers who were interviewed for this feature and profiled in it.

I’ll be scanning the article and putting it up here asap. It’s a shame I don’t have a scanner at home.
I’m truly honoured to be featured in this magazine. I’d like to thank Remko who interviewed me and wrote the feature article again.

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