Current TV

Current TV, a new TV network that will let television viewers broadcast their own videos to the world, was launched in the US yesterday.

Al Gore is an investor in Current TV, and he says that the network wants “to be the television home page for the Internet generation.”
Hmmm, always using his big catch phrases, obviously…

Gore and his fellow investors envision Current as a sounding board for young people, a step beyond traditional notions of interactivity. They want viewers to contribute much of the network’s content now that quality video equipment is widely available.

Most of its programming will be sliced into short pods, just a few minutes long, covering topics like jobs, technology, spirituality and current events from different points of view. An Internet-like on-screen progress bar will show the pod’s length.

Every half-hour, Current promises a news update using data from Google on news stories most frequently searched for on the Web.

I think this could be really cool and interesting. It should give Video Bloggers another practical venue to distribute their content and reach more people.
I’m interested in seeing how this works out.

I wish they would provide a live online video feed though for people outside the US.

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