Multiple Explosions Hit London

Multilple explosions in London have caused terrible injuries…

Police are confirming at least three explosions on buses in central London today, and several blasts rocked the Tube network leaving dozens of people injured.

British Home Secretary Charles Clarke says there have been “terrible injuries” in the explosions.

The Tube blasts at the height of the rush hour on Thursday were initially blamed on a power surge.

Union officials blamed the Tube blasts on a series of bombs, and Scotland Yard confirmed the bus explosion and said it was dealing with “multiple explosions” in London.

The Prime Minister’s office said they were “still unsure” whether the explosions were a terrorist attack and although casualties were reported, no further details were yet available.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair said authorities found found indications of explosives at the scene of one of the blasts and that there are concerns it was a coordinated terror attack.

PM Tony Blair said: “It is reasonably clear there have been a series of terrorist attacks in London.” There have been casualties, he said “both people that have died and people seriously injured.”

[Source: CNN, BBC News]
[More: Londonist]

Our hearts are with the people of London and England, hoping that the damages are limited and that their loved ones are safe and unharmed.

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