After The 4th Tunisian Blogger Meetup

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So, we just got home from the 4th Tunisian blogger meetup, which was another great success by all standards 🙂

This one was even longer than the previous ones; We started at 7PM and finally remembered to go home at 1:15AM, lol.

13 bloggers turned up for this meetup, more than I ever expected especially that it was held on such short notice.
The blogs represented today were: Infinity, Tom, Diana Magazine, Marouen, Zizou, Troubadour, La Guilde, 7ammadi, Blogeuse, Evil Drako, AquaCool and Subzero Blue.

We missed the people who couldn’t make it. Make sure you all come next time 🙂

We talked about a lot of stuff as usual; from blogging in general, to the Tunisian blogosphere, to organization of meetups, to suggestions to make things go smoother, to religion, to work, to internet connections…etc.
As usual, it was really a lot of fun and very interesting dicussing all these different issues with a bunch of great people with unique points of view.
It’s a very enriching experience.

We’re lucky the weather was nice; not too hot. We sat in Biwa’s garden overlooking the lake of Tunis. It did get a bit more humid towards the end of the meetup, but it was ok.

Adib, who couldn’t make it today, and who was missed a lot, is suggesting we have the next meetup in Kelibia.
Expect a post about it soon on his blog and maybe here too.

Update: I just remembered to mention that in this meetup we broke our record on the number of female bloggers present; we had five this time 🙂
Hopefully, in the future, more and more girls will come to the meetups.

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