Oasis – Don’t Believe The Truth

These past days I’ve been listening to Oasis’s new album “Don’t Believe The Truth“, which was released after some years of absence by the band after a 3 year absence.

Honestly, my favourite Oasis albums remain “What’s The Story (Morning Glory)” and “Definitely Maybe”, but this one could come in third place. It somehow brings the classic Oasis out of the band again and that’s always good.
This album also reflects some of the band’s admiration of “The Beatles” and how they’re inspired by them.

I enjoyed most of the songs, but my favourites from this album would have to be: “Lyla”, “Importance of Being Idle”, “Part of the Queue” and “Let There Be Love” (All written by Noel Gallagher).

I think this album is worth checking out if you’re into rock ‘n’ roll. Especially if you are or ever were a fan of Oasis.

My score for it is: 7.5/10.

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