Japanese Tea Ceremony

Last night, we had the pleasure of visiting and spending time with a great, great friend of mine. If you’ve been to my blog often, you’ll certainly have come across some comments by him under the name Saqf.

He told me beforehand that he was going to treat us to a Japanese Tea Ceremony, but honestly I didn’t think that would be much more than us sitting around drinking tea; When I saw him wearing full traditional Japanese clothing, I knew we were in for a much bigger surprise.

He was totally serious about giving us a full traditional Japanese Tea Party in all its glory, splendor and spirituality: from his clothes, to his room decoration, to the ceremony procedures, down to every single detail.
And what we thought was just about drinking tea turned out to be a full meal and dessert, that reached their climax with the whole tea preparation and drinking rituals.

It was really funny seeing Saqf suddenly flip into his Japanese persona, but it was so cool and nice. We truly enjoyed ourselves and relaxed.
I also learned how to use chopsticks at last, although I ended up with a small cramp in my hand afterwards.

We drank a lot of different teas with different exotic tastes from Saqf’s tea cupboard, one of his priceless possesions.

After the ceremony, Saqf switched back to his everyday self and clothes, and we were allowed to talk about worldly matters at last. It was great catching up, talking and simply having fun together. Time just flew by and if it didn’t get really late we would’ve surely stayed a lot longer.

A huge thank you to Saqf for a truly fun night and experience, for the gift books, and for being the amazing friend and brother he is 🙂

Here are some photos I took from last night:

Japanese tea ceremony

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