Guess Who

Guess WhoA few days ago we went to see “Guess Who” featuring Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac.

We saw the trailer for this movie a number of times and it looked really cool and funny. It turned out it really was, although I expected it to be just a bit funnier.

The story is about a white guy and black girl who fall in love, and who want to announce their engagement to her parents while visiting and attending their vow renewals. It has some really hilarious moments, and it reminds me a lot of “Meet The Parents”.

Ashton Kutcher did an ok job in this movie too. I believe stuff like this is what suits him the most. Bernie Mac was very funny in this movie. I don’t like his sitcom, but he’s a lot better in movies.

All in all, it was a really nice and funny movie.

My score for it would be: 7/10

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