Third Of Software Is Pirated

A survey conducted by the Business Software Alliance shows that one out of every three software programs that people use around the world is pirated.

The survey showed that the global piracy rate decreased by one percentage point last year, but piracy related losses grew $4 billion to a record $33 billion for the year thanks mostly to currency falls in the US dollar.

Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe had incredibly high amounts of piracy with rates ranging between 87 and 92% while the United States, New Zealand, Austria, Sweden, and the UK only ranged between 21 to 27%. The markets in these countries are much larger, however.

That’s a lot of pirated software…
I never knew software piracy was this bad.
Anyway, it’s obvious most piracy is happening in developing countries where high software prices and unavailability of the software push people towards pirated software. I think software companies should think of this point and price their software better depending on the country they’re selling in.

This is no excuse for stealing people’s software, but it could be a reason why it’s happening that should be looked into.

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