iPod Vending Machines

iPod vending machine

So they’ve added iPod vending machines to some airports in the US.
I think that’s a really cool way to market iPods and get more of them out there.

Apple mostly has a thing for coming out with good products but not distributing them well enough. Especially in our parts of the world.

In Tunisia for example, the iPod and other Apple products have barely been marketed and distribution is pretty poor with only a few products available and at very high prices.

I was very interested in getting an iPod, but when I checked with the official distributor here, I only found iPod mini’s at a price much more expensive than that of the iPod.

Ok maybe, Tunisia isn’t such a big market for Apple, but the gulf is a potentially big one for them that they’re not really taking enough care of either.

[Via: Boing Boing]

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