Guantanamo Probe Finds 5 Quran ‘Mishandling’ Cases

So, Newsweek weren’t that wrong after all…

The commander of the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, said Thursday an investigation had identified five incidents in which the Quran appears to have been mishandled by his personnel.

The five suspect incidents were among 13 involving alleged mishandling that were culled from a review of about 31,000 documents representing three years worth of records.

Ten allegedly were by guards and three by interrogators, said Brig. Gen. Jay Hood, who has held his job since March 2004.

“We found that in only five of those 13 incidents, four by guards and one by an interrogator, there was what could be broadly defined as mishandling of a Quran,” he said.

[Source: CNN]

I wonder how he “broadly defines” mishandling the Quran?

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