Palestine US Exhibit Stirs Controversy

Made in Palestine art exhibition stirs controversy in US…

A unique art exhibition showcasing the works of 23 Palestinian artists, from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as well as those living in exile in countries such as Jordan, Syria and Germany, is facing uncertain times in the United States, with major museums refusing to play host.

Chronicling the modern history of Palestinians since 1948, Made in Palestine had its first showing in the United States at the Station Museum in Houston, in May 2003.

Currently on display in San Francisco, the opening attracted up to a thousand people. But alongside the accolades, it has also drawn the ire of some politicians.
As a result, most museums are fearful that hosting an exhibit that is pro-Palestinian could cost them their funding.

Once the current show draws to a close on 21 April, organisers suspect it could be curtains for the exhibition.

[Source: Al Jazeera]

I think it’s so unfair to not even let Palestinians express themselves and show their side of the story through peaceful art exhibitions like this one.

There is so much bias and ignorance that almost anything that is even slightly pro-Palestinian is automatically unaccepted and denied.

I think this is where those fat rich Arab purses should come in handy, funding projects like this and helping to get the peaceful message through.

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