My Favourite Arab Singers

I just felt like sharing some of my favourite Arab singers, in no particular order.

Marwan Khoury: This guy is really talented. I love his style of music. He’s been writing music for a number of singers for some years now and just recently got into singing himself. He and his music are very classy whether the song is a ballad or a faster catchier tune.

Kathem El Saher: I love how he’s taking Arabic poems and turning them into beautiful songs with his great voice and amazing music. It keeps reminding me how beautiful a language Arabic is. Everytime I hear a song of his, I fall in love with our language again and again.

Saber El Rbai: I love his voice and how much feelings he puts into his performances. He’s very talented and has great musical taste. Makes all us Tunisians proud.

Julia Botros: I more than love her voice, she’s totally amazing. I love her music and the meanings she chooses to pass through it. I could listen to her music forever.

Feirooz: The angelic voice of Arab music. She’s a legend and truly deserves to be. Her songs are just so beautiful, you can’t help but feel lifted.

Marcel Khalifa: Another legend in Arab music. I can’t find enough words to describe him or his music. He’s simply great.

Majida El Roumi: If class, beauty and perfection could be embodied in one artist, it would be Majida. Her voice is great, her songs are amazing and she conveys so many feelings through her music.

Fadl Shaker: He’s like a bunch of warm feelings with a beautiful voice over a soothing tune. Do I need to say more? I don’t think so.

Ilham Madfai: I truly enjoy his music, that’s based on Iraqi folklore with an added touch of spanish guitars. Great stuff.

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