My 10 Favourite Dishes

If I were to choose my top 10 dishes, the list would certainly look something like this.
I’m feeling hungry just thinking of them.

1. Mloukhia: I worship Tunisian Mloukhia. It’s truly out of this world. It has nothing to do with the way mloukhia is made in other Arab countries. It’s a lot more delicious.

2. Couscous: Our Tunisian national dish, which I love more everytime I eat it. Whether it’s with Meat, chicken or fish it just rocks.

3. Nwaser: Another Tunisian delicacy that I love. Yummy perfection.

4. Hummus and Falafel: Man, I love hummus and falafel, especially hummus. I could have some every single day.

5. Fried rice with crab + shrimps in sweet and sour sauce: I had so much of this when I was in Thailand. It’s so damn good.

6. Pizza: Thick or thin, stuffed crust or not, from the marguerita to the super supreme, I love pizza. It’s always a fave.

7. Msakhan: A Palestinian dish based on chicken that is really yummy.

8. Fatteh: Another delicious middle eastern dish. The best fatteh I’ve ever tasted as yet is in Beit Jabri in Damascus / Syria.

9. Mansaf: The Jordanian national dish. I really enjoy having a good mansaf every now and then. It’s a bit heavy but really good.

10. Chicken Stroganoff: An originally Russian dish that is simply finger-licking delicious.

God bless delicious food…

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