Israel Exposes Palestinians to Killer Radiations

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Amidst stark warnings of potential outbreak of chronic and deadly diseases, Israeli occupation troops have recently set up a “radioactive” glass room at the main Rafah crossing through which Palestinians have to pass to enter or exit the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian medics said that potential diseases include thrombocytopenic, sterility, congenital anomalies, cancer, leukemia, mental retardation and ductless glands disorder, warning that Palestinians are slipping toward slow death.

“I was forced by Israeli occupation troops to enter this scary room-like radiating device, which consists of glass and barbed wire,” Mohammad Al-Sadoudi, 40, says.

Walid Al-Salhi, the director of preventive security at the Rafah crossing, said the room is made of lead-coated glass and is holding inside it a one-meter high cylinder-shaped device.

“Doctors warned that this device produces life-threatening, bone-piercing rays and Israeli troops can easily see the body parts of Palestinians, using the infra-red technology,” Salhi said.

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