I Hate Carrefour!

Did I ever mention how much I hate Carrefour?!
Well, there was this and then this, but now I totally despise it!!

Carrefour has become the shittiest place to shop for me.
From the time it opens to the time it closes it’s constantly buzzing like a bee hive with mad people.

Everytime, I try to go at times when it’s supposedly the least crowded, but it seems that recently there are no longer such times, it’s always overcrowded.
And what makes it even worse is that it seems Tunisians forget their manners when they go to Carrefour. It feels more like a crowded bus than a mall.

I have taken the decision to stop going to Carrefour. I’d rather drive some extra kilometers and pay some extra cash than have to go through Carrefour’s shitty experience time and again.

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