I Hate Carrefour!

Did I ever mention how much I hate Carrefour?!
Well, there was this and then this, but now I totally despise it!!

Carrefour has become the shittiest place to shop for me.
From the time it opens to the time it closes it’s constantly buzzing like a bee hive with mad people.

Everytime, I try to go at times when it’s supposedly the least crowded, but it seems that recently there are no longer such times, it’s always overcrowded.
And what makes it even worse is that it seems Tunisians forget their manners when they go to Carrefour. It feels more like a crowded bus than a mall.

I have taken the decision to stop going to Carrefour. I’d rather drive some extra kilometers and pay some extra cash than have to go through Carrefour’s shitty experience time and again.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

12 thoughts on “I Hate Carrefour!”

  1. They plan to open one in Kuwait it will be a mixed blessing, more competition and goods but also people will be there like crazy. I’ve seen the one in Dubai City Center and its a mess there but thats cause its “the mall”.

    I am with you, I’ll stick to the small areas where I can have my peace and quiet.

  2. Evil Drako, Oh yeah! Screw Carrefour!

    Nibaq, that’s the best you could do. Man, things go mad in these places. It toally stresses me out.

    Metalordie, thanks for the trailers dude, they look real cool. I’m really looking forward to this one.

  3. MMM, I hear ya! I hate Doha’s carrefour as well. It is always crowded and lately they have been selling low quality junk! We try to avoid it as much as possible.

  4. Same here, the quality of the stuff has really gone down.
    They’re even selling pirated cds and dvds now, lol…

  5. I share your feelings .. Carrefour is the shittiest place to shop .. and also its expensive too when you compare it with others!

  6. I must agree I was there just now at night and around 10:30am on Friday and it is like the perfect storm of A-Holes.

    Waste of time, I will go to other shops as well.

  7. you did well to leave going to Carrefor.

    you are too good for them. You go Girl!!!

    The question is. maybe you are too good for Dubai as well.

    Leaving soon???????????????

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