Amr Diab To Run for Egyptian Parliament

The Egyptian Arnie…

Egyptian pop-star Amr Diab is steering away from his profession and will run for elections in the Egyptian Parliament, which will take place immediately after the Presidential elections. The singer has already began his new political campaign by going back to his hometown to try and win over the support of his people.

According to the London based Elaph, Amr will make the announcement of his election publicly in the upcoming few days. It is unpredictable if the singer will be able to defeat former parliament members, but he will depend on his popularity to win votes and is concentrating on the young generation.

[Source: Al Bawaba]
[Via: Mindbleed]

Well if Reagan made it to President and Arnie made it to governor, why can’t Amr become a member of the Egyptian parliament?

He could even drop in a song every now and then to make it less boring.

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