The Truth… For Lebanon

Today marks the 40th day since Rafik Hariri‘s death, and for this occasion, a group of Lebanese youth are organizing a gathering in Martyr Square in Beirut tomorrow at 14:00 where cards will be distributed to over a thousand people in order to draw his portrait.

Meanwhile, demands are rising for the resignation of security officials in the government for failing to provide security, protection, law and order in Lebanon.

Furthermore, the UN fact-finding mission published a report yesterday that was sharply critical of Syria and its allied Lebanese government and said that they were responsible for the political tension that preceded the assasination.

The report said that the Beirut government showed a lack of commitment to finding out who killed al-Hariri, bungling and outright manipulating the investigation.

A petition has also been started on the For Lebanon site, demanding an international neutral investigation to uncover the truth.
The same petition will be available for signing tomorrow at Martyr Square.

God bless Lebanon, and God bless Rafik Hariri’s soul.
Our hearts and minds are with Lebanon and the Lebanese people, and we too all demand to know the truth!

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