The Contender

Yesterday One TV started airing a new reality tv show called “The Contender“.

The show follows 16 professional boxers in a training camp to pursue their dream of becoming a champion boxer.

Silvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard serve as both hosts and boxing mentors to this group of fighters as they each try to improve their skills in order rise to the rank of professional boxers.

The boxers are divided into two teams, West Coast and East Coast, and they have a new challenge to do each week.
The team that wins the challenge gets to pick a boxer from their team to fight against a boxer they choose from the other team.
The boxer who loses leaves the show.
The final victor will claim a million dollar prize.

Although I really liked the Rocky movies, I’m not truly a fan of boxing or other violent sports. But still I was sucked in to watch this. I guess it’s different when you get to know the fighters a bit on a personal level before you see them fight.
The passion and excitement involved in it just pulls you into it all.

Cool stuff…

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