Mel Gibson Buys Fiji Island

I wish I could do something like this…

Hollywood star and director Mel Gibson has purchased a Pacific island hideaway in northern Fiji.

The director of “The Passion of the Christ” and star of the “Mad Max” films purchased the 5,411-acre (2,164-hectare) Mago Island from Japan’s Tokyu Corp. for about US$15 million (euro11 million).

The Fiji government’s Cabinet approved the sale last month, principal lands officer Laisa Raratabu said Wednesday.

[Source: CNN]

Anyways, if I had the kind of money he had, I would have bought an island a long time ago. The guy is filthy rich!

This reminds me of this show I saw on TV last week about this Australian guy who bought this beautiful island for only $10,000 and turned it into this high society tourist getaway destination.
He’s making tons of money out of it and it only cost him peanuts to start with.
Now that’s a very cool investment.

It also reminds me of this rumour that circulated in Tunisia after Michael Jackson came for a concert back in 1996. The rumour was that Michael wanted to buy the Tunisian island of Djerba.
Turned out to be a load of bull (as usual).

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