Mannequin Nipples

The other day while walking by some store windows, the question hit me:
“When the hell did they start putting nipples on mannequins?!”

Is it that the stores are really cold?
Are the mannequins excited by the fact that people are staring at them?
Are they implying that the clothes are made for chilly days only?
Or maybe they’re saying that whatever the weather, nipples will show through these clothes?

I don’t know who came up with the idea or why they thought it necessary to do so.

It’s not like you see that many women on the street with their nipples perceptible through their clothes. So what’s the point?

Then again maybe it’s just another marketing idea. By adding nipples to the mannequins, maybe the clothes will seem sexier, and sex always sells.

Update: It seems men mannequins have nipples now too. What next? Nippled Children mannequins?!

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