Mannequin Nipples

The other day while walking by some store windows, the question hit me:
“When the hell did they start putting nipples on mannequins?!”

Is it that the stores are really cold?
Are the mannequins excited by the fact that people are staring at them?
Are they implying that the clothes are made for chilly days only?
Or maybe they’re saying that whatever the weather, nipples will show through these clothes?

I don’t know who came up with the idea or why they thought it necessary to do so.

It’s not like you see that many women on the street with their nipples perceptible through their clothes. So what’s the point?

Then again maybe it’s just another marketing idea. By adding nipples to the mannequins, maybe the clothes will seem sexier, and sex always sells.

Update: It seems men mannequins have nipples now too. What next? Nippled Children mannequins?!

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

13 thoughts on “Mannequin Nipples”

  1. Yeah! I used to wonder a lot, but in a sex-crazed world like the one we’re living, I believe we shouldn’t be surprised!
    I think it really sucks! I can’t tolerate the sight of a real woman wandering around like that, now I have to stand these stupid Mannequins!

    God only knows what’s next!

  2. hehehe

    Join the club.

    In the magicial kingdom of Bahrain…my homeland…and a progressive country…some municipal councillors have succeeded in banning mannequins from displaying nightwear and underwear in shop windows to stamp out “vice”!!

    They say the mannequins arouse young men and embarrass our modest women !

  3. uhmm yeah they started that trend quite a while back… losers. they even beat those half naked mann. displaying nightware 😀 whatever. uhmm, i dont remm exactly where, some ME countryit was for sure, where they ordered that all the mann. should be covered and stuff… definitely not where i live.. dubai… u dont see em even half dressed here 😀 heck we have nude beach pardies.. 😀

  4. “HAHAHA, Well akthough it’s disgusting, but yeah clothes do look sexier ”

    lol, but Ammar, those clothes are for females.. so what if u find em sexy on a mann… unless and until ur buying the lot for the woman in ur life… know what i mean… the point is… rather shuld be… does it lure WOMEN to buy that stuff?

  5. the nipple phenomenon is not a matter of climate, because walking down the Miami Beach strip, (one of the hottest cities in the U.S.) I had the same realization. what’s up with the nipples? my friend in Minnesota, whose nipples are protruding right now (it’s in the 40s there), googled the topic for me, and we found your awesome commentary. rock on, nipple mannequins!

  6. I don’t have a problem with nipples on mannequins because the shopper wants to know how the clothing item will look on a real person, and last time I looked around, the real people all had nipples, male, female, and even the children. Anatomically correct mannequins should be the norm!

  7. LoL! So does that make me abnormal since my nipples are not sticking out 24/7?

    I think what everyone’s talking about are “hard” nipples, if you know what I mean. I mean, yeah everyone has a couple nipples 😛 but the “real people” you speak of, I assume the general public, do not walk around with 2 pointy things sticking out of their blouse all the time. I mean, I guess there may be exceptions, but you cannot honestly tell me that most of the people you see have hard nipples. And because of that, these mannequins do not mirror “real people”.

  8. This happened in the early 70s too, when young women started going braless. The stores responded by nippling up their mannequins, but I was always puzzled by process behind this. They obviously did not replace the entire mannequin, so where did the nipples come from? Did the corporate office send a box of nipples to each store? Was it left up to the store manager to figure something out? Who got to put the nipples on? Where did they go when the style ended? Does every store have a box of nipples in the back room awaiting their rotation in the cycles of fashion? Such are the mysteries of our times…..

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