Ken Livingstone: Sharon Is A War Criminal

Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, in a searing critique of Israeli policies published on Friday in The Guardian newspaper…

Sharon “is a war criminal who should be in prison, not in office”, he wrote, saying that even an Israeli commission had blamed the prime minister for massacres at Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The mayor also denounced “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians during the expansion of the Israeli state, Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and the denial of Palestinians’ right to return.

“Sharon continues to organise terror,” he said, citing the disproportionate number of Palestinians killed compared to Israelis during the Palestinian intifada or uprising.

Rejecting charges of anti-Semitism, Livingstone argued it was necessary to separate criticism of Israeli policies from anti-Semitism, saying the Israeli government deliberately attempted to conflate the two.

[Source: Al Jazeera]

I couldn’t agree more with him.

Sharon is a war criminal who should be tried for all the massacres and crimes he was behind, and thrown in prison for the rest of his life.
He is the worst of terrorists and his policies all amount to state terrorism.

Also, a very important issue is the issue of Israel trying to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-semitism. They’re two totally different things and just because someone is against the policies of the Israeli government doesn’t mean they’re anti-semitic and hate Jews.

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One thought on “Ken Livingstone: Sharon Is A War Criminal”

  1. i could not agree more with ken livingston. nice to hear the truth from a thinking man who is not afraid to say there IS an elephant in the room. we seem to be totally caught up and terrified by isreal and jewish people living outside isreal. if anyone dares to speak the truth about isreal and/or zionists they will have their livelihood, personal and political life quickly and methodically destroyed. why do we allow this kind of stifling control? we must stop buying into the isreali ploy to undermine our ability to distinguish the difference between isreali policies and anti-semitism. the U.K. and the wonderful people of london should be thankful, proud and supportive of such a brave and good man who is not afraid to speak out about this mode of operation and uncontested genocide of the palestinian people. i wish we had more people like ken livingstone in the U.S. instead of the sorry lot we have that wouldn’t know there was an elephant in the room if it sat on them. as part of the so called world community we need to break the spell by making and voicing this distinction. maybe henry grunwald and oliver finegold should do some soul searching and do the same? oh yeah, right,lost my clarity for a moment. if the elephant fits ride it.

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