German Muslims Want Islam In Class

I think this is interesting…

Six Islamic groups, accounting for 70% of Germany’s Muslims, plan to unite under one umbrella to push for having Islam taught in public schools.

The groups want to ensure that Islam can be taught in German in public schools to better integrate children and prevent misinterpretations.

“If we don’t, the next generation of Muslims will grow up without values, and if they don’t get their religious education in schools they risk being influenced by bad interpretations of the Quran,” said Nadeem Elyas, president of the central council of Muslims, after a meeting of Muslim groups in Hamburg last weekend.

Source: Al Jazeera

One of the things I think is very important for muslims and Islam in our times is to teach the next generation of muslims more about their religion, show them what’s right from wrong and explain the peaceful message of Islam.

This way when they grow up they won’t be misled and influenced by people who misinterpret the Quran to reach their own wrong goals.

They’ll also be in a better position to defend the religion and explain it to the people around them who have a wrong idea about it.

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