Karate Kid

A couple of days ago while going through the DVD section in Carrefour, I came accross the DVD set of the Karate Kid trilogy.

I was swept away to my childhood in one of those very sweet flashbacks. I remembered the very first time I went to the cinema in Zimbabwe to watch Karate Kid 1, how moved I was by it and how much I loved it.
I must have seen that movie a 100 times and loved it every time.
I’ve even watched it a number of times in Italian on RaiUno not having to understand the dialogue because I already knew it by heart.
It even made me start taking Karate lessons, lol.

I also remembered watching the 2 other sequels some years later in one of the summers I spent in Pakistan. It was so great going on with the story and following Daniel and Mr. Miyagi.

I also used to love playing the Karate Kid computer game on my Commodore 64. Many long hours and burning red eyes went into that one.

So with all that flashing in front of my eyes, I just had to jump on the set and buy it right away 🙂

I started watching the trilogy again last night and WOW, I love it.
It looks so cool. You’d never think this was over 10 years old if you didn’t know it. Very good stuff.
I feel like a kid again, lol.
I must be the biggest Karate Kid fan ever 🙂

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