I think one of the most annoying things in life is indecision.
That yucky feeling of not knowing what to do exactly, where you’re gonna go, how you’re going to handle it, what’s going to happen…

You sit down, telling yourself that today and right now you’re going to come up with a solution and find your big decision. You focus, try to forget everything and think clearly, you push yourself into the sea of little details and circumstances.
And then?
Nothing, you simply drown…

The sea becomes an ocean and the ocean becomes a galaxy of probabilities, ideas and what-ifs. Your mind starts racing trying to order all these thoughts, trying to make its way through them all, adding here, multiplying there, subtracting sometimes, dividing into more and more endless factors and possibilities.

In the end you get lost all over again and all this is added to your indecision.
As if what you had wasn’t enough, now it’s bigger and now it comes with a greater load of stress and instability.

You miss those easy decisions where you just put everything in front of you, make your pick and just live your life happily ever after.
You wonder why all decisions can’t be like that. And then you try to follow the same path, hoping it will work, only to find that there are a lot of missing facts on your table.

Different people have different approaches and solutions for getting out of these indecision gridlocks.
I personally tend to try to get as much detail as possible and put as many facts as possible on the table, then I try to put those facts together and build different scenarios for different decisions and I pursue them in my mind as much as I can before deciding.
My choice in the end has always come down to the option with the least risk.
Although I’m realizing more and more that it’s not always the best thing to do, so I’ll most probably be taking more risk with my future decisions.

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