Hi, Sexy… Let’s Do Your Taxes

Now, this is funny…

“Hi, sexy. Welcome to Intimate Encounters.”

Not exactly the kind of message you expect to hear in the middle of doing your taxes, but that’s just what some TurboTax customers are getting as they try to set up their state returns.

The message pops up when TurboTax Business users advance to their state tax return and decide they need to file for more than the single state return supported in the product. The message in the software tells them they can purchase software for additional states, at $30 each, online or by calling an 800 number.

That number goes straight to Intimate Encounters, which bills itself as “the exciting new way to go live, one-on-one, with hot…girls waiting to talk with you.” The pre-recorded message on the site makes no mention of tax preparation services, although you never know what you can get for 99 cents a minute.

[Via: CNet News]

Now that’s a creative way to do taxes, don’t you think 😉
That way everyone would file their taxes and they’d actually be very happy about it, lol…

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