Defending Islam

“The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I couldn’t agree more.

Applying this to the case of Islam in the world, I think one of the things harming it these days is the number of clueless people who think they are qualified to defend it.

These people who go on and try to portray themselves as scholars of Islam when they basically don’t have the necessary background or knowledge for it are just making things worse everytime they open their mouths.

People should be really careful about the arguments they use, the sensitive points they touch upon and the details they try to get into because what started as them trying to defend a cause or a belief could turn into them doing the complete opposite.

It’s great that people are passionate about their religion and want to defend it, but standing up and talking for a religion is a great responsability and before they do that they should learn as much as they can about it and only talk about issues they have researched very well so they can be able to get into more detail, answer questions and deny false claims.

The same applies to every other cause or belief.
Believing isn’t enough. You have to know the history of it, the why, the when, the where, the circumstances, the details, everything to be able to strongly defend it and stand up for it.

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