Israeli soldiers shoot boy for fun

From the “Only Democracy” in the Middle East!

A group of Israeli soldiers serving in the Gaza Strip have reportedly admitted killing a 15-year-old Palestinian in Khan Yunus for sport.

According to the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronoth, the incident took place in March when an undisclosed number of Givati brigade soldiers shot and killed Khalid Sulaiman Mahdi while he was working with his father on their farm.

The boy’s father, Sulaiman Mahdi, told the paper the killing was “just for the sake of it”.

“Seven bullets pierced my son’s head, so you can’t talk here about a mistake or random gunfire. This was an act of direct and clear sharp shooting,” he said.

According to soldiers interviewed by Yediot Ahronoth, there were no operational purposes for the shooting and no justification, since the boy and his family posed no threat to the soldiers.

An Israeli army spokesman said the army had investigated the incident, but admitted that no arrests were made.

This is so disgusting!
Where is the world when things like this happen?!
Or is the blood of the Palestinian people and children too cheap to care about?!

[Source: Al Jazeera]
[Via: Je Blog]

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