Lara Fabian : A Wonderful Life

These past couple of days i’ve been listening to Lara Fabian’s second english album A Wonderful Life, and WOW, it’s simply breathtaking.

Lara’s voice is one of the best female voices out there, and she’s been belting out the most amazing ballads and songs in both English and French.

I became a fan ever since the first song I heard by her, which was “Je T’Aime”.

She has perfect control over her powerful voice and a beautiful taste in music.

This album is another masterpiece in her collection of great works, a true musical delight for the ear.

My favourites songs on this album are: Unbreakable, Conquered, I Guess I loved You, I Am.

I totally recommend this album to everyone who is into this type of music.

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2 thoughts on “Lara Fabian : A Wonderful Life”

  1. LoL! Every time I think of the song “Je T’aime”, I am reminded of how that puppet show in France always tease her by making her eyes BULGE out of their sockets whenever she screams “JE T’AIME! JE T’AIME!” haha!

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