The Future

How true is it when we say that the future is what we make of it? And that our past has nothing to do with it and that it should not haunt us?

I think it’s true that our present is the result of the decisions we took in our past, and that the future is the result of the decisions we take today.
But, still our decisions today are based on whatever elements and consequences we have today, which have come to exist because of our old decision in our past.

Let’s say a person took the decision to study Computer Science a number of years ago, and today he is a programmer because of that choice and others he took along the way.
Today he also wants to take another decision for the future. And even though he could go and take a totally unrelated decision of becoming a professional photographer, thereby throwing away a lot of stuff from his past and many of the decisions he took, it’s most likely he won’t and that he will follow the path he started carving out for himself in the past and go for something IT related.

So, even though we don’t like to admit it, the past does somehow haunt us. It affects the decisions we take, it limits our scope of options, it tries to put us into a box we can’t get out of.

But life shouldn’t be that way.
What if we took a wrong decision along the way, or a decision we don’t like anymore?
I mean we’re human after all, and we’re built to make errors.
We should always have an option to undo what we did, and as that is impossible, then we at least should have the option to right our wrong by taking a good decision later on.

It takes courage to take such a decision though, because it means you’re admitting you were wrong, you’re admitting that a period of your life was somehow a waste of time, you’re admitting that you’re throwing a lot away and starting some things from scratch.
It’s not easy. And it’ll certainly feel unlogical to take such a step.

But what’s better to take a hard and “unlogical” step that will make our lives a lot better or to let our old wrong decision haunt us and control our lives making them miserable?
I’d choose the hard way any day!

So, after all, the future is what we make of it, it’s a direct result of the decisions we take today and it doesn’t have to be haunted by the past.
So we should learn from the errors we made in our past and take better decisions for our future, we can’t go on making mistakes and then trying to fix them forever.

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