The Devil Inside

It’s that little voice in the back of your mind telling you:

– It’s ok, no one’s looking, just do it!
– Oh come on, just this once isn’t going to mean anything!
– Just one last time, come on!
– You know you want to, so what’s the point in torturing yourself?!
– Go ahead, just rip his head off, no one will notice!
– Tell him to go **** himself!
– It’s ok, it’s a simple tiny white lie, nobody’s gonna get hurt.
– No, don’t help him! Nobody would help you if you were in his place.
– Leave that good deed till later, there must be something interesting to see on TV. That documentary on Pig fat isn’t that boring after all.
– Look at what they’re doing, don’t they just deserve to die. Kill them, kill them!
– There goes another punk crossing the street without looking. Hit him, hit him!
– Hey, nobody’s looking. You can look now 😉
– Yummy…
– Oh if you just weren’t (fill blank), you could (fill corresponding blank).
– Whether it’s right or wrong depends on how you look at it.
– The concept of good and evil is a man-created illusion.
– Forget about body fat, that food is too good to waste.

And the list goes on…
Each and everyone of us has his own personal devil.
So, what else does your personal devil tell you?

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