The Gas Pickup Song

Some years ago, the people who sell gas bottles in pickup trucks in Jordan were told to stop making this annoying clanking noise by hitting the gas bottles to announce they were near, and instead just play this same brain-melting tune that I honestly think is even more annoying.

Anyway, when that started, I thought someone should take a sample of that tune and make a full club mix out of it.
I truly think it could work out and if released as a single become one of the biggest hits ever in Jordan, lol.

Now that I’m back here and am waking up to that tune every morning and hearing it a number of times throughout my day, I couldn’t agree more.

It’s a tune that has been engraved into our brains and I don’t think anyone in Jordan couldn’t hum the whole tune from beginning to end.

It’s got all the makings of a huge hit. So really someone should try this out, and for coming up with the idea, I only want 50% of the revenue 😉

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