Swimming Pool Memories

Yesterday, my wife and I were talking about a friend of mine when I mentioned how his job sent him for a whole week to stay at the 4 star Marhaba hotel in the Al Kantaoui touristic area in Sousse.
This triggered an old memory of mine that is related to this hotel.

I remember when I was a kid, for a couple of years, we went and rented one of those touristic appartments at the Al Kantaoui port and spent the summer vacation there.
I loved it, and I love Al Kantaoui to this very day, it’s a really cool place.

I’d spend most of the day at the beach and most of the night out with one of my uncles or the family. It was so much fun.

Anyway, I also used to sneak in to Marhaba hotel to swim in their cool swimming pool 😛
And my youngest uncle used to to try to do the same too.

So, I remember one day, we were swimming in the pool when I spotted one of the hotel people coming our way. So I swam away from my uncle as if I never ever saw the guy in my entire life and I acted like all was good and normal 😛
The guy came up to my uncle and started talking to him. My uncle spoke in French in an attempt to make the guy think he’s a tourist, but well he was too tanned and looked too Tunisian to convince, and they told him to leave.

Then the guy headed over to me. Of course, I’m still swimming and acting like I don’t know who that guy they just kicked out is, and like life couldn’t be better.
So, he comes up to me and starts talking to me in Arabic. What I do is I start talking to him in English telling him I don’t understand what he’s saying and asking if there is a problem. Now with my good English, my white skin and my not-so-Tunisian looks, the guy freaks out and thinks he screwed up and made a mistake. He tells me he’s sorry and leaves.
And I get the last laugh, lol…

I did that a number of times as a kid.
I don’t know why I bothered as I’m not really a pool person, I’d rather swim in the sea any day.
But I guess I just did it because I wasn’t supposed to and because I could 😉
Oh well, you know teenagers and all their raging personality proving thingies, lol.

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