Floating in the sea
Lying on my back
My eyes are shut
The cool deep waters carry me
The tidal waves caress my body
The peaceful silence soothes my soul

This moment is perfect
The world around me ceases to exist
No more responsibilites, no more troubles
No more complexity, no more madness
Nothing exists anymore
Everything melts into the vastness of the sea
And everything is what I imagine it to be
I don’t exist anymore
I’m just another tiny part of it all
I’m part of nature
And nature is part of me
This is where I belong
This is my peace of my mind

But unfortunately I know it won’t last long
It’ll all be over when I open my eyes again
The world will come back with all it’s craziness
I’ll be sucked back into the storm of life
That’s how it always is

I wish I didn’t have to open my eyes
I wish I could float like this forever

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

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