We Are What We Eat

It’s a common saying that We are what we eat. And in many ways it’s very true. But in these days do we really know what we’re eating?
Do we know what’s really in that burger?
Do we know what that pizza is truly made up of?
Do we know how healthy that fried chicken we’re eating was?
Do we know what kind of drugs, anti-biotics and hormones are in the meat, fruits and vegetables we buy and eat?
Do we know how healthy the animals or plants were before they were packaged for us?

No. We simply do not know all this. We just know that our food is not like it used to be. It’s unnatural now. How unnatural? No idea. How healthy? Is it healthy in the first place?

We hear of all the different stuff that’s happening. We hear about all the different reasons behind diseases like Mad cow disease and Birds Flu, …etc. We hear about the bad treatment of the animals, the bad conditions they’re in and the fact that they eat parts of other animals as well as each other’s remains.
It’s disgusting and revolting.

We hear about all the stuff that’s being done to vegetables and fruits, all the genetic tests being done on them, …etc.
Nowadays, neither fruits nor vegetables have any taste anymore. They’re merely tasteless different looking objects that we eat and try to convince ourselves we’re enjoying.

We are what we eat.
But we do not know what we’re eating, so we simply don’t know what we are!
We don’t know what the hell we’ve injected into our system during these years and years of eating this unnatural food that is being thrown at us.
We don’t know what kind of hormones, drugs, anti-biotics, diseases and more we’ve made part of us.

But we should know!
We should choose what’s good and healthy for us.
We should choose healthy natural organic old-fashioned food.
We should know what it is we’re eating.
We should know what we are!

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