Sudan Sanctions

Now, call me ignorant or stupid even, but explain to me how UN sanctions on Sudan could help end the crisis that’s happening in Darfur?

The US and EU are pushing for these sanctions if the Sudan government doesn’t move in to stop the bloodshed in Darfur.

Darfur is a region as big as France, and Sudan is one of the poorest countries on Earth. How in hell are they supposed to get the necessary means to control this situation and solve it alone?
And instead of stepping in and helping them with whatever is possible, sanctions are imposed on them?
I really don’t see the logic in this.
How will that solve any problems?
Sanctions only affect the people of the country, not the governments, haven’t they learned this yet?!

I think that the US and EU should stop babbling and throwing blame and instead put their money where their mouths are and help end the crisis.

When the problem is solved, then maybe we can see who is to blame for it. But not now while thousands of people are dying.

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