Badly in need of a haircut

Man, do I need a haircut!
Dropping by the barbershop has been on my priority to-do list for over a month now, and I simply haven’t had time to actually do it.

What annoys me the most are my sideburns. With these sideburns and this length of hair, I look like a darn hippie from the 70’s who’s lost in time.

I went through this stage before when I chose to try out having longer hair (not the hardrocker wannabe style but more the pop icon style, and no I’m not gay), and after a period of looking weird and out-wearing caps it actually looked pretty good, although my friends thought I looked scary sometimes.

I wish I could just pick up my trimmer and shave it all off, but being a married supposedly-responsible person who also wants to keep his job and not be fired for looking like an ex-convict, I guess I’ll skip that idea.

If my plans go as planned, which they rarely do, then I should be passing by the barbershop this afternoon.
I hope it works out.

I did it. I got a haircut. hoorrraaayyy…
Now I’m my cool handsome sexy self again 😛
Ahh, it feels good when you’re looking good 😉

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