Should We Dump Internet Explorer?

Just came across a post on Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer.

The main reasons stated are the security problems IE has and it’s non-compliancy with web standards. And I totally agree with those reasons.

But I would also like to add slow speed and lack of new features as problems I have with IE.

Tabbed browsing, fast page loading, popup blocking, skinning, extensions and more. These are all things that are very necessary in a modern browser.
IE simply doesn’t provide that.

IE is great for developers who want to get something working and who want to have extra possibilities that other browsers don’t provide. I used to love IE for that when I was in development.
But as a user, IE turns me off now. And I only use it when I really have to (Windows Update, certain websites, …etc).

My main browsers these days are: Opera and Firefox, with Opera dominating at work and Firefox dominating at home.

Outlook still rules as my email application though. There still is nothing out there yet that makes me want to change.

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