Le Retour de l’éléphant

Ok, so I’m a book worm. I bought the book “Le Retour de l’Eléphant” (“The Return of the Elephant”) by Abdelaziz Belkhodja on Sunday, and finished reading it yesterday, Monday.

As I wrote yesterday in my Reading section on the left, this is a nice futuristic humourous fiction about a time when Carthage is the richest and most powerful city in the world again, immigrants come from the north to the south, Iraq watches over the embargo on the U.S. and the hottest university in the world is the University of Tozeur.

I like the humour in it, the idea and how the author is actually using a twisted future to actually portray and criticize how things are today in the Arab world and Tunisia.
Still, I don’t think the main storyline is strong enough. It would be a lot better if the story was worked on a bit more and given more depth and spice.

Still, I think this is a very good effort from Abdelaziz Belkhodja, and I really enjoyed reading the book.

I think it’s worth buying and reading, even if it’s just for the sake of dreaming and believing that there always is hope for a better future.

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