Colonel Queen Rania

Queen Rania of Jordan has been granted the honorary rank of full colonel in the country’s armed forces.

Her husband King Abdullah also made his Palestinian-born wife head of the Queen Rania Society for the Support of the Military and their Families.

In March, Rania launched a media campaign to change women’s stereotypes and boost their role in Arab society.

[Source: BBC]

This is really interesting and I think is meant as part of the campaign to change women’s stereotypes and to advance woman’s rights even further in Jordan.
I think it’s great.

I’ve always admired Queen Rania for the hard work she does and her commitment to addressing really important issues.
Plus she’s the best looking Jordanian queen in the history of the country.

I got to know a lot about her and her work while working on her official website when I was back in Jordan, and even though there were a number of tight deadlines and late nights spent working on that project, it was truly an honour for me.

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  1. Certainly not me.

    You at least got to go home earlier than I did.
    You did your design work and then left.

    I was the one stuck with the development and the late night shifts.

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