Homer’s “Iliad” now in messenger speak

Homer’s ancient Greek poem “The Iliad,” the basis for Hollywood blockbuster “Troy” has been compressed for a new generation too lazy to see the film let alone read the 24-book epic that runs to over 15,000 lines.

The first five books of the centuries-old tale, set in the final year of the Trojan War — which began when Trojan Paris snatched Helen (the face that launched a thousand ships) from Greece — are now available in the language people use when sending instant messages, Microsoft said on Monday.

Book Two is reduced to just 24 words of ‘messenger speak’, losing some of the lyricism of the original. “Agamemnon hd a dream: Troy not defended. Ordered attack! But Trojans knew they were coming n were prepared. Achilles sat sulking in his tent.”

The translation, designed to publicize Microsoft’s messenger product, is not written in Homer’s dactylic hexameters but it does use ’emoticons’ — little faces or images — to emphasize intense moments.

[Source: Reuters]

Good one guys. Now maybe those msn messenger chat addicts can squeeze in some literature in between their long useless chats.
No offense to chat addicts, I once was one, and I know the joys of chatting.
Check out the post about my vampire days. I used to spend all night long chatting on mIRC.

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