Friguia Park

Today, we woke up and found some really nice weather outside which made us feel like going out, so we called some friends and suggested we go out somewhere to enjoy the weather.

We suggested we go to either the Friguia Park or Hammamet or Korbous, although we felt more like going to Friguia Park because we heard a lot about it, but never got to check it out.
Anyway, we ended up going there.

Friguia (meaning Africa) is another zoo that opened last year in Tunisia, and almost everyone who ever checked it out said that it was really nice.
And well, I agree.
It doesn’t have more animals than the Tunis zoo (Belvedere), in fact it has less, although it has some animals you won’t find at the Tunis zoo.
But the setting is really nice and they’re taking better care of it.

There is a nice souvenirs shop that has some really nice stuff but which I thought was over-priced, especially that I saw some of the same stuff in other places at really cheaper prices.

We had lunch in a restaurant inside the park which actually had some good food despite all the jokes I made about it before tasting the food.

It’s quite big and by the time we finished, our feet were aching and we were dying to get home and rest.

It was really fun discovering the place, seeing the animals and catching up with our friends.

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