Film deal for ‘Baghdad blogger’

So, Salam got himself a film deal.

Salam Pax is an Iraqi blogger who started a blog called Dear Raed as a way to keep in touch with his friend Raed in Jordan.

The blog became an internet sensation during the Iraq war as he talked about life during the war and the fears and hardships of Iraqi citizens.

He previously got a book deal, and the book has been released in several languages. The book was called “The Baghdad Blog” and the film will be based on it.

I used to really like the Dear Raed blog and Salam’s humorous way of writing, but ever since he got famous and started doing book deals and interviews and all, he sort of let it go and his blog kind of lost it’s spirit and life.

I’m more into his friend Raed’s blog these days.

And just an extra bit of information for those who’re interested, this blog competed as a finalist against the Dear Raed blog for the Best Middle Eastern or African Blog in the 2004 Bloggie Awards.
Dear Raed won, but for a new blog Subzero Blue sure did great 😉

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