Recently while looking for the Esso logo online, I came across a website called StopEsso. This is a campaign by Green Peace against Esso (a.k.a ExxonMobil in the US).

Why Esso ? What makes it worse than the rest ?

Here’s what they answer to that:

The company that has done more than any other to keep the US hooked on oil is Esso (known as ExxonMobil in the USA). This addiction is causing global warming.

Esso has spent the last decade sabotaging international action on climate change and directing US climate and energy policy. Esso paid the Republicans $1.2 million up to the 2000 elections – and sure enough President George W Bush pulled the US out of the international global warming treaty, the Kyoto Protocol.

Esso has consistently questioned the accepted scientific consensus that burning fossil fuels like oil is causing global warming. It is still misleading the US public and policymakers over the economic implications of tackling the problem.

It funds ‘industry front groups’ to lobby on its behalf. In turn, they promote climate sceptic scientists to question the science of global warming.

I don’t use Esso anyway as I try to always use Agil, a Tunisian company, as a way to encourage local companies and investments.

Anyway I think other people should consider Esso’s actions and see what little step they can do towards protecting our world.

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