Sex makes you clever

Sex stimulates the brain and makes people more intelligent, according to a top German researcher.

Werner Habermehl, from the Hamburg Medical Research Institute, says that regular sexual intercourse promotes intelligence.

He said that love making not only excited the body but also the brain and the increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that are produced stimulates the grey matter, reported magazine Unicum Campus.

“Sex makes you more intelligent in that experiences are collected that can be used later on in areas of life not linked to sex,” said Habermehl.

He added that the added injection of endorphins and serotonin that resulted from an orgasm strengthened self-confidence – giving the body a mental as well as physical work out.

[Source: Ananova]

Is that interesting or what ?!
But, wait a second, that should make pornstars the world’s smartest people and the biggest geniuses!
Now that’s something…
No wonder they chose to have sex for a living. It’s fun, they get paid for it and it makes them smarter 😉 That sure is smart 😛

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