M.C. Hammer

Last night, as I was zapping through the different satellite channels, I found a movie about M.C. Hammer on Multivision.
Having one of those flashback moments, I decided to watch the movie.

It was a nice movie, not anything extraordinary, but nice in a way that it introduced me to his life, how he made it, and how his musical career all ended.

It definitely brought back a lot of memories of the times when Hammer was at the top of his game, when it was “Hammer Time”.

In fact, the first music tape I ever bought was an M.C. Hammer album “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” including his hit single “U Can’t Touch This”.
Being a music freak, I also remember detecting that the whole catchy tune of that song was actually a rip off from an older song from the 80’s called “Superfreak”.

I didn’t really like much of his work after that, but still Hammer is one of the people who helped in making rap more mainstream.

Man, I remember how my friends and I used to listen to his songs, how we’d be trying to copy his dance moves and all.
Some of my friends even went as far as copying his hair style.
Thank God they didn’t go any further than that, because that guy’s sense of style sucked like hell.

Those were some good times though 🙂
Oh, memories…

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  1. Yeah, memories, I remember how great that album was, and with my two brothers watching his videos all the time, I almost copied the dances 😛 I loved his songs, and I liked the film about him as well.

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